Here at CDI Pest Management we pride ourselves on our Pest Control skill set, and have been doing this for the past 35 years and in our time have seen it all! From rodents to wasps we have tackled minor household incursions to full blown wars! Call us today for us to handle all of your pest treatment around Toowoomba, Brisbane and Melbourne.

Different homes need different treatments

We provide a full pest management & inspection service, treating each issue separately and individually. Once one of our fully qualified and licensed technicians has observed the issue, we will design an effective IPM (intergrated pest management) programme for you. From traps to chemical, we provide the full spectrum of pest control and can handle white ants to redbacks, anything that the Queensland wildlife can throw at us!

Early detection is key!

Pest Control is an essential element to your living, don't leave this to unqualified amateurs and call the experts in today. We have over 35 years of experience in all fields of pest control so you know when you are calling CDI Pest Management, you can be sure you are getting the premium in pest inspections and pest control.

Pest prevention can be an amazing tool in the defence of your home. Call one of our technicians today to ensure that your family and house stays safe. This is especially important if you have had previous pests or a termites issue that have been treated but you want to ensure that your home remains in the best condition for many years to come.

Talk to us about Pest Control!

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1. General - Cockys & Ants

We offer a general pest service inside and outside your home. This covers the most common pests, including Cockroaches, Ants, Spiders and Silverfish. 

2. Moths

Moths are notorious for feeding on stored dry foods, such as cereals, grains, preserved fruit and dry pet food and can even cause damage to materials made of natural fibres, including clothes, carpet and mats. We're equipped to protect your home from both Carpet Moths and Casemaking Clothes Moths. Give us a call if you have a moth problem in your home. 

3. Spiders

Our treatments for webbing and non-webbing Spiders are effective and have very short residual affects after treatment has been applied in and around our home. Chat with our team to learn more about our processes for treating Spiders. 

4. Fleas

Whether your neighbours have pets with Fleas or your own cat or dog have their own infestation - not to worry. Even with their quick breeding cycle, we offer effective Flea treatments and management plans for homeowners to follow to ensure you're free from these tiny critters. 

5. Silverfish

Famous for rendering books unusable and damaging many other natural fibres, Silverfish typically live in roofing insulation and can be quite difficult to fully eradicate. CDI Pest Management are more than capable of ridding homes of Silverfish. So if you suspect your home may be overrun with Silverfish, reach out to our team and we'll help you tackle the problem. 

6. Other Pests

From Lawn Grubs, Bees and Wasps to Bed Bugs, Termites, Flies and dreaded scurrying rodents, we have seen it all! Give us a call to organise fast and effective management of pests in and around your home. 




Don't leave it until it is too late! Early pest inspections can solve pest problems quickly.

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