How CDI Pest Management Bird-Proofed A Water Reservoir Tank

How do you fit a square peg in a round hole? In this case it was a square net over a round tank.


Earlier this year a client approached CDI Pest Management with an interesting problem. Pigeons had been nesting in their 8 metre tall water tank. This tank had both an internal and external staircase with a platform at the top. 



CDI was tasked with finding a solution which blocked access to the birds while allowing proper ventilation and access to the centre of the tank for maintenance personnel. With CDI’s ingenuity this was no problem. They completed the job on time and on budget in only 3 days.


The Problem


The water tank CDI worked on stays empty for long periods of time as it’s used intermittently by the owner to collect excess water. This large, empty, structure soon became a major attraction for pigeons which decided to make it their home. The presence of this nesting caused a health hazard and led to some pipes becoming blocked with droppings. 

CDI were faced with a dilemma as they needed to make the tank inaccessible to birds but still accessible to staff. As the tank needs regular maintenance blocking access entirely or making it difficult were not options. Luckily the team were quick to form one of their unique solutions.


The Solution


CDI decided nets would be the best way to allow proper evaporation of the water while keeping the birds out. However, this method would block all access. With all this in mind the team got together for a brainstorming session.


  1. The Tank

Their unique solution began with CDI tailoring a zipper into the net before beginning it’s installation. Nets are normally installed on a straight edge then stretched out to an end point. However, in this case, there was no straight edge. This meant the team started by positioning the net across the whole tank. From there they proceeded by walking back and forth across the diameter of the tank, tensioning the net as they went.



  1. The Staircase Platform

With that part of the installation complete the next step was to bird-proof the platform. This area attaches the staircase on the outside of the tank to the one leading directly inside it. The floor of this platform is grated so it could not be skipped as it was an appealing place for pigeons to land. The team used the same type of net to build a custom designed cage for this platform then tightly installed it to allow access to personnel.



Pests are always fighting to push through whatever barriers you’ve set in place for them.


That’s when you call CDI Pest Management. Marshall and the team have a wealth of experience creating ingenious custom solutions to keep you and your property safe from the hassles of unwelcome critters


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