Reopening A Premise

If you are getting ready to open a premise after it has been closed for sometime, you might want to follow these tips to ensure a pest free reopening.

If you are getting ready to open a premise after it has been closed for sometime, you might want to follow these tips to ensure a pest free reopening. 

Water Down the S-Bend

The purpose of an S-Bend is to hold some water and therefore stop rodents and pests entering through drains. The trapped water also acts as a blocker for stopping sewage smells coming through into toilets and sinks. If a premise has been closed, it is likely the water that was sitting is now dried up. Tip a bucket of warm water down all sinks and toilets to ensure smells are again stopped and the blockage for pests is back in place.


If pests are in the premise, they’ll want to set up house and they can achieve this under loose floor coverings, broken tiles and benches. Ensure these types of surfaces are sealed  to stop them becoming the perfect hiding place.


If you’ve come back to appliances that drip water such as dishwashers, pull them out and repair them to ensure water is not pooling in hard to get to places. Water and food or floor grime combine to make a perfect food and breeding source for many pests and is an easy one that people forget about before closing the doors.

Pre-Opening Pest Inspection

It is always best practice to ensure your premise is pest free, especially if you’re opening a food premise. Call in the professionals even for just a pest inspection to keep business smooth sailing!


Closing up your premises?


If you need to close up your business or office for a period of time, here are a few tips that will help prevent a full-scale disaster when you return.

Completely remove food

Fully remove any food, both in the fridge and in cupboards, either bin them or take them home - don’t forget things like packet soups, biscuits, tea bags as pests will make their way through outer packaging and feast in no time! Things such as long-life milk and juices can also be attacked by rats and mice and cockroaches will chew into pasta, chips, rice, dried beans and nut packets! 

Turn it off

If you’ve ever returned to spoiled food in a fridge, you’ll understand why this tip is a good one! Turn off the fridge and microwave at the powerpoint and give them a good clean to ensure no spills or crumbs are left for pests to enjoy! Leave the door of the fridge open as you leave to let it dry out and to avoid a musky, damp smelling fridge on your return. 

Gap fill

Much like your home, pests will enter using any means possible - so block up those gaps and holes - look around and use cloths and fillers and ensure there isn’t easy entry under the doors.

Schedule a Pest Control visit 

Prevention is better than the cure! Contact the professionals from CDI Pest Management to do your closing or reopening pest control. Call us today on 1300 737 826.