Pests and Your Pets

If you’ve read our blog about “Pests Dangerous to Pets” you might want to know a bit more about what you should do if they are affected by pests around your home or what you can do in regards to pest control.

Pest Attack

If your pet does become harmed from any dangerous pest, you should seek emergency veterinary care immediately. 

You will see some of the following signs from your pet if they have come in contact with a poisonous pest; vomiting or diarrhea, excessive drooling, lethargy, swollen face or mouth, rash, worms in the stool, change in appetite, coughing or any uncharacteristic behavior.

harm to your pets

Did you know that thousands of pets die or suffer from home pest treatments? This can include rodent traps catching a paw or nose or the ingestion of poisons, particularly ‘rodenticides’.

professional pest treatments

When considering pest treatments, ensure you trust your families and pets with a company like CDI. 

We treat homes with low toxicity products that are safe for you and your pets, no smell, no mess, no emptying cupboards, we treat inside and out, roof void, outdoor furniture and even the letter box.

Flea Treatments

Whether your neighbours have pets with Fleas or your own cat or dog have their own infestation - not to worry. Even with their quick breeding cycle, we offer effective Flea treatments and management plans for homeowners to follow to ensure you're free from these tiny critters. 

Spider Treatments

Our treatments for webbing and non-webbing Spiders are effective and have very short residual effects on your pet after treatment has been applied in and around our home. Chat with our team to learn more about our processes for treating Spiders. 

General Treatments

From bees and wasps, termites, flies and dreaded scurrying rodents, the team at CDI Pest Management have seen it all! If you’re dealing with problematic pests in your home, get our team in to keep your pets safe today.