Keeping Possums Out of Your Home

Possums; they might be cute, but they can be a BIG nuisance. If you have possums in your yard you know what I’m talking about.

Keeping possums out of your home

Running up and down your roof all hours of the night, chatting it up with their friends. And if you’ve got fruit or veggies growing in your yard, forget about it! They’ll gorge themselves on the fruits of your labour before you get a chance to, the furry little freeloaders.

As the weather gets cooler, possums are going to be searching for warm places to take shelter and the inside of your roof can be a prime piece of real estate. Here are a couple of safe and easy ways to deter possums from your property.

Remove Their Access

If you don’t want possums on your roof, cut off their point of access. The most common way a possum travels onto rooftops is by climbing a tree and leaping onto your roof from a nearby branch. If there are no branches leading to your roof, they will be less inclined to make their nests in your home.

Additionally, if you are growing food in your yard, cover it with chicken wire or some other kind of fencing to keep them out.

Motion-Activated Lights & Sprinklers

Possums play through the dark nights and it is bright lights that  scare them away. Leaving an outdoor light on is effective but it might not be cost-effective. Therefore, a motion-activated light is probably your best solution. The sudden shift from dark to light also has the added benefit of catching the off-guard and can trick them into thinking a human is coming.

If you want to take a different route, you can buy motion-activated sprinklers that will scare off animals with a sudden spray of water when detected. There are also ornamental owls for sale at some garden stores that are made with reflective eyes, mimicking the real thing, to keep them away.

Possum Repellents

Many garden stores and even some supermarkets will sell possum repellent; a cheap and effective solution that you can spray on your garden to keep possums from turning your garden into their new favourite snack spot.

Possums also hate the smell of mothballs. Pop a couple into your ceiling and suddenly it doesn't seem like such an inviting place to make a nest.

Put Outdoor Bins Away Properly

Make sure that when you put your bins out you don’t let any of the contents spill out of the bin and that you seal the lid properly. If you are throwing out food, make sure it is in a sealed bag to avoid the smell attracting the possums. The last thing you want is possums getting in and pulling out your garbage onto the street.

If possums are partying at your place and you’d like to put an end to their shenanigans, get in touch with the team at CDI Pest Management today.