Autumn's Most Active Pests

Insect pests aren’t just a Summer and Spring problem, though many people think this is the case. A number of pests that come out in the cooler months and cause problems for homeowners and businesses are particularly active this time of year.

Dead cockroach on wooden floor

In order to limit the harm these pests cause, it’s important to know which ones to look out for.


These destructive insects are especially active during the warmer months however if they are already established, they can do significant damage during Autumn. Given that termites love moisture, damp environments are very attractive to them. If your home and gardens have damp or shady areas, termites will be attracted here and potentially set up a colony. Warming your house during the cooler months can in turn encourage more vigorous activity within an established colony, so it’s important to continue throughout the year to check for signs of termites.


Possibly the most annoying and gross pest around, cockroaches are quick breeders and thrive in almost any environment. Autumn is the time of year that cockroaches tend to invade houses, looking for a warmer home to breed in.


As if the mouse plague of this year hasn’t been bad enough, these colder months are about to set the scene for mice and rats to invade homes and businesses. These disease carrying pests are looking for a supply of food, water and also looking for shelter.


Moths are very attracted to the human environment, finding comfort in common household items such as wool jumpers, grains, cereals and sugars. Pantry moths are a significant pest, invading these food sources and rendering them inedible.

Snails and Slugs

Snails and slugs are pesky little slimy creatures, appearing initially to be a  pretty tame pest in comparison to other pests. The truth is, they can do quite a bit of damage to your plants; often decimating vegetable gardens in such a short period of time, they eat that produce before you can.

How to spot a pest before it’s a problem

Aside from seeing the pests themselves, there are some less obvious signs of pest infestation that you can keep an eye out for. Indicators of pests in your home or business usually include insect droppings, webs, nests, shells or wings within or around your property. Insects all have different breeding, nesting and moulting characteristics, so if you spot some of these indicators, it may point to a more extensive problem in your home or business.

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