Termite Control

Are you worried about termites eating you out of your business or home? The CSIRO predict that one in every four homes will be attacked by termites within its lifespan.

CDI Pest has tomorrow’s termite solution today with number of options available to protect your home or business. We assess the termite risk for your building, then determine the best solution to suit to your situation. This could be Baiting, Chemical treated zones, reticulation, sheet products or a combination of any of the above.

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Baiting System

Termite baiting systems such as Sentricon “Always Active” eliminate and monitor termites around your home. They are particularly good where there is high termite pressure or multiple entry points into the building.

Chemical Treated Zones

Existing homes often have chemical barriers in place to protect from termite attack. These barriers have a finite life span (often 5 -8 years) and need replacement. After an onsite visit to determine your needs, building type, and termite pressures, we will make recommendations as to what options would best suit protecting your home. Products such as Altriset, today's most advanced termite product, and Termidor, are all options to be considered.

Not sure what termite solution you need? Give our friendly staff a call. Whether you have termites, or just want to protect your asset, we use and implement the CDI 5 star programme to give you unparalleled protection and peace of mind.



The first stage of any termite protection program is an inspection. This inspection will determine the extent of any infestation, if present, identification of the termite species, where the termites are entering the building and also what steps need to be carried out to eradicate any termites present and protect the building from further attack.


Colony control is critical to the long term protection of your home and must be carried out prior to a management system being installed. Termite treatments often fail when this process is not carried out correctly.


Once colony control has been achieved, a termite management system can be installed to impede and/or discourage the concealed entry of termites. This will be carried out in accordance with Australian Standard AS 3660.2 - 2000.


Ninety days after the management system has been installed, a follow-up visit is carried out to ensure that the work has been carried out to the clients satisfaction and no inadvertent compromising of the system has occurred.


In order for the termite management system to protect your home, it requires annual maintenance. This may be as simple as doing an annual termite inspection or it may require certain areas around the house to be retreated.

Every house and situation is different but by using the CDI 5 Star Termite Programme, you will enjoy many years of termite free living.

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