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Commercial Pest services:-

At CDI Pest Management, we have successfully built and maintained a quality service to our Customers. Our success has been built through our Companies Commitment to Service Quality and Customer Relations.

With programs designed individually to the clients specifications, CDI Pest Management carries out the job with the understanding of the clients Needs and Expectations.

Restaurants, hotels, schools, cafes, warehouses, and many other organisations all have to keep their products and buildings pest free on a regular basis. CDI Pest Management provides all documentation along with the expertise which is required for all commercial premises working to HACCP & AQIS accreditations.

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We're Now Famous!

Read all about our success at eradicating a bad rodent problem at a local feed mill. Bell Laboratories has complimented our company CDI while using their products to control the pest problem. Click here to read the full story.

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