Bird Control

Are you worried about birds causing more than a nuisance at your business or home? Species such as pigeons, sparrows, myna birds and swallows can spread disease, contaminate products, make a mess and introduce other pests such as bird lice.

CDI Pest has a number of bird control solutions available to protect your home or business. We assess the environment, bird species and required outcomes to formulate the best solution to suit your situation. This may be as simple as blocking an entry point or installing a large scale netting project.

Bird Netting

Bird netting is used to make certain areas inaccessible to birds. It provides a discrete barrier that protects your buildings, trees, crops and structures without harming the birds. One of the most common bird control problems is pigeons making homes under solar panels. We offer domestic and commercial bird control solutions using netting for buildings, sheds and schools.

Bird Deterrents

Bird deterrents are a simple solution to commercial or domestic bird control. Deterrents are devices designed to scare birds away. There are many DIY solutions include hanging old CDs so that they flash from the sun, using gutter guard or a scarecrow.

Bird Spikes

Bird Spikes are long metal stripes that have needle-like rods that stick out and make it hard for birds to perch on ledges, pipes, window sills and more. The spikes we use are designed for unforgiving Australian conditions and they will deter common Australian birds such as pigeons, ibis, crows plus many more. Bird spikes provide a long life system and can be used for domestic and commercial bird control.

We are an authorised installer for the AvePro range of bird control products. You can view their range here or we can visit your property to see what bird control measures to recommend putting in place to fill your requirements.

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