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Termites are the cause of the greatest economic losses of timber in service in Australia. Independent data compiled by State Forestry shows 1 in every 3 homes will be attacked at some stage in its life. Australia's subterranean termite species (white ants) are some of the most destructive timber pests in the world.

While there are over 300 species of termites in Australia, around twenty cause economic problems at some level in their areas of occurance.

Building and construction methods vary around the country and styles change over time. Increasing urbanisation of what was once bushland has now put our homes in the midst of termite territory.

To protect your home, annual termite inspections and a comprehensive termite management programme carried out to Austrailan Standard 3660,  is more important than ever.

If you see or suspect that you have termites, don't disturb the area, simply call us and we can help you through some simple identification steps. By not disturbing the area, we can often achieve a better and faster result.